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See Our Start Small. Dream Big. Interview Series

The inspiring individuals featured in our Start Small. Dream Big campaign had such amazing stories, we just had to hear more! We’re excited to debut a series of brand new Start Small. Dream Big. interviews with: Jason Dolph, Anchorage Fire Department Captain. Jason, a second-generation firefighter, discusses how his childhood experiences inspired his career choice, and how his positive influences taught him to keep pushing on no matter what. Apayo Moore, Alaska Artist. Apayo didn’t think she was an artist – but her community did. Because they believed in her and encouraged her to pursue her talent, today Apayo is creating art – and hope. Paul Thacker, Professional Snowmachiner. Paul may have lost the use of his legs in an accident, but now he’s using that experience to inspire others, while continuing to drive his career to even higher success. Lakhita Banks, BP Teacher of Excellence. Thanks to one teacher’s encouragement, Lakhita discovered her love for reading and writing. Here, the BP Teacher of Excellence recalls the “one small event” that propelled her career in education. Check out all the videos on our website, and share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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