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Prevention Month Tip 4: It Helps to Plan Together

Having a plan for handling difficult situations with your child before they happen can make it easier. Problem-solve with a friend or loved one so next time an issue comes up, you’re better prepared.

Talking, planning and problem-solving with others is one way to build parental resiliency. While no one can eliminate stress from parenting, resiliency can help parents deal with stress in a positive, healthy way. Resilience is the ability to manage and bounce back from all types of challenges that emerge in every family’s life. It means finding ways to solve problems, building and sustaining trusting relationships including relationships with your own child, and knowing how to seek help when necessary. Don’t worry if this doesn’t come naturally – building resiliency takes time. But the pay-off is worth it – strong families raise great kids!

During National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April, discover other ways to build resiliency, strengthen families and raise great kids! Visit our website to learn more, and check out our prevention month poster series, featuring fun and helpful tips about building resiliency.

A Rural Perspective
As National Child Abuse Prevention Month comes to a close, it is important to remember that we all have a part to play in creating healthy communities for our children to grow up in. Apayo Moore, an artist from Dillingham and a voice for our “Start Small. Dream Big.” campaign, shared her perspective at First Lady Walker and Ms. Toni Mallott’s fundraiser in February. Remembering her childhood in a rural community, Apayo said, “Small acts of kidness that we do can change a child’s attitude and can be the factor that redirects them from becoming a dependent of society and into a caring and contributing member of the community. I know this because this was me. Life was hard, but with encouragement from everyone around me and our Yup’ik reaction, to instinctively care for others in need, here I am, doing the best that I can, paying it forward.” We all have a responsibility to ensure all children live in safe, stable and nurturing environments. We can achieve this by ensuring we all create positive relationships with children. All it takes is a small investment like talking to children, encouraging them, or teaching them new things. Thank you to Apayo Moore for your inspirational words. You can read the entirety of her speech here.

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